Delila Rules Of Etiquette

Advice For Clientel

Treat a whore like a lady and a lady like a whore.  –  Wilson Mizner

In a reply to my column of August 17th, I gave Black Hole of Genf a little advice on dealing with professionals, and I would like to talk about that subject at length today.  There are a number of essays and lists of “dos and don’ts” for escort clients available on the internet, but I don’t think it hurts to add another one because it gives a broader view of what different working girls consider important.  This is not a list of my personal pet peeves, but rather commonsense advice and warnings against behaviors I know annoy most whores rather than those which just annoy me in particular.

Don’t ask rude, stupid, pointless or prying questions, or those to which you don’t really want to know the answer.

This could almost be a column by itself; day after day we’re asked the same questions which one would think men would have better sense than to ask, but obviously don’t.  My own pet peeve is, “Are you clean?”  Now, think about this for a minute; do you honestly think an expensive call girl won’t be?  And if you’re dealing with a streetwalker, do you honestly think she’ll tell you the truth if she isn’t?  Just keep your eyes open and be as scrupulous as we are with condoms and you won’t have to waste your time with this rude and pointless question.  Then there’s, “What’s your real name?”  If she wanted you to have it, don’t you think she would’ve given it to you?  Again, both rude and pointless.

If you live in a police state where our trade is suppressed (such as the US), a number of questions fall into this category…

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Tips On Finding A Escort & Verification Process

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How To Find An Escort

Many people think that finding an escort and having sex with her is as easy as calling her, giving her the money, and then getting laid.

But newbies who decide to find and date an escort realize there are some unanticipated pitfalls and landmines with escorts. Some of the things they start to realize:

Getting the right answers is 99% of the challenge

Your challenge with escorts is to avoid the pitfalls. I have the best answers and solutions.

  • What if she is a cop? Can I get arrested?
  • What if she robs me or her pimp beats me up?
  • Why is she asking me for my employment information?
  • Why do I get hung up on?
  • When do I give her the money?

When these thoughts start to enter your mind, you realize that the world of escorts is more complicated than you originally thought.

Well, I’m here to demystify this world and help you find an escort who will satisfy your sexual fantasies and needs.

There are five simple steps to dating an escort:

  1. Finding a good escort
  2. Preparing to call her
  3. Calling her
  4. Preparing for your date
  5. Dating her

***Btw, if you have a specific question or issue, email me at “[email protected] and I’ll try to answer it as soon as I can***


Step 1 – Find an escort who you are attracted to AND who is a good provider

Finding the “RIGHT” escort for you at the outset is the most important step of the process

This step is the most important in the process. Selecting a good escort will make the remaining steps a lot easier. Obviously, selecting a bad escort will make the following steps hell, and perhaps unrecoverable.

Click here for an in-depth, detailed explanation on how to find an escort.

But here are the

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A Lil Dirty Joke

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“A panda walks into a bar. He asks the bartender how he can get a little action for the night. The bartender motions to a young woman. She talks to the panda, and they go back to her place. After having sex, the panda abruptly leaves. The next night, the woman goes to the panda's house. "You owe me money," she says. "For what?" The woman rolls her eyes and explains, "I'm a prostitute." The panda pulls out a dictionary and looks it up: "Prostitute: Has sex for money." The panda says, "I don't have to pay you. I'm a panda. Look it up." She is about to protest when the panda hands her the dictionary. The woman looks up "panda" in the dictionary, and it reads, "Panda: Eats bush and leaves.”  Read more

Fetishes I Accommodate (FYI)

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what is snowballing?

My girlfriend asked me if I was into "snowballing" and because I didn't want to look like an idiot, I said yes. What the hell is that and have I managed to stick my foot in my mouth?

You're about to stick something in your mouth, but it isn't your foot — it's your semen. Snowballing involves a woman taking your sperm into her mouth once you ejaculate and then making her way to your mouth, at which point the two of you swap your semen back and forth in your mouths.

Now it's time for you to decide if you still want to head down the snowball route. Let me know.

Panty Sniffer
The wise individual who can enjoy the aroma given off by pair of soiled female panty's snatched from a dirty clothes hamper, laundry room or the floor after banging them. The crotch panel usually has a strong cunt smell ranging from soft and fruity to strong and tangy. While alone, the sniffer will usually enjoy holding the filthy crotch to their nose, slowly inhaling the aroma, while stroking their cock. An occasional lick to the stain gives the oral pleasure as well. The odor, the tangy taste and the pumping of their cock quickly brings one to an explosive orgasm.

After I woke up in the morning, I pocketed her panties she soaked the night before. She was asleep so I riffled through her hamper and found a great pair of black cotton thongs with the greatest, funkiest smelling crusty crotch panel. I took them too. When I got home, I kept them in zip lock bags and the scent and taste stayed for weeks. I was so sore from jacking off to that pleasure.

Golden Shower

The act of urinating on another person, usually for sexual gratification, or as a way
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