Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me. I love meeting new people and hope we can share exciting adventures together. Delila born and raised in the Big Apple  (New York ). Strong,Spontaneous, Sensual,  Sexy. Moved to the desert in 2004 to quench gentlemen's thirst.
I'm here to please and be pleased. Kissing is my passion and fore play is my playground .
"Below are some Reviews."
Ladypleasure24 -Older woman , experienced, knows how to have fun. Redheads are the best. Beautiful eyes. Very sweet can hold a conversations. Knows how to please her client. Worth your wild. BJ amazing probably in my top 10! Enjoyed myself a lot I'll just pay $300 just to get a BJ its really that good. I'll be going back just for that. Her pussy is great squish warm tight, great grip. Total freak! Gets me hard just thinking about it.Older woman , experienced, knows how to have fun. Redheads are the best. Beautiful eyes. Very sweet can hold a conversations. Knows how to please her client. Worth your wild.

Az_Max-Called Delila after having seen her posting for quite awhile. Quite surprised to find out that she lived right down the street from me. Very easy to find her place as I had been by it many times before. She opened the door and looked better than her pictures, wearing a tight summer dress and heels. Invited me in and offered me a drink as we talked and put each other at ease as this was our first date. She led me upstairs where the action began with some very nice kissing while unbuttoning my shirt. With her hands running down my body she began kissing her way down my chest while unbuckling my belt. She got down on her knees and pulled my cock out which she immediate began sucking on. It was so hot to see her red head bobbing back and forth while sucking on my cock. after a bit of that, I pulled her backup and slipped the shoulder straps of her dress off and let eh dress fall to the floor while kissing her deep. Gorgeous woman, standing there with that hot MILF body in her heels and panties. I slid her panties down and turned her around so that she was sitting on the bed, hiked her legs up as I went to work licking her pussy. So refreshing to find a pussy with some hair on it for a change - not a bush, but a nicely trimmed twat looking just like what a real woman's pussy should look, smell and taste like. YUM YUM. After a bit of that we worked our way into a 69 with her on top. What an awesome ass this woman has. I couldn't help myself as I played with her ass and strained to get closer to her bung hole, she intuitively knew what I wanted and rolled rearwards so that I could bury my tongue into her ass hole. After a really nice rimming she went back to sucking on my cock in some more 69. After a while delila asked me if I wanted to fuck her. That sounds so hot when a woman says that. I said of course so out came the cover and she positioned herself face down and ass up for some amazing doggy fucking. We then moved to missionary before flipping around for some reverse cowgirl, cowgirl and back to missionary. With her legs pushed back over her head so that I could bury my bone deep into her twat, I finally shot my load in what was an awesome sexual session. We laid back and talked a bit - she told me about her movie "career" and also about the go;den shower fantasy I have. She offered to oblige me with enough warning to allow her to drink enough water to make my fantasy come true - next time Delila! A fantastic experience that i will defiantly repeat and can't recommend her enough to everyone reading this.

mnzr01-Took advantage of Delila's advertised special. I had been checking out her picks and reviews for some time and knew she would be fun. She opened the door and was wearing some really nice tight jeans.... I just started grabbing her. Then the fun really began. We covered all of the bases. It did not take long before we were both naked. She has an amazing body and looks easily 10 years younger than she really is. Simply amazing and has a killer attitude as well.
We went straight to 69, followed by cov Cow Girl, RCG, not long after POP.
Second round: BBBJ, Dine at the Y (YUM)and then my favorite Doggie. 
I just loved staring at that ass.

moenmanwell what can i say, this girl is awesome- a A+++ PROVIDER---- had been wanting to get with Delila for some time, final hooked up == my side of town so asked her to come to me, very nice on the phone, showed up in some sexy hip hugger jeans and a top revealing those sweet titties of hers, greeted me with a dfk- she smelled great looked great, after a lot of petting and dfk- clothes came off she got into one of her little sexy outfits- guys she looks better in person, so needless to say it was daty time- oh how sweet her blossom was :-) i have to give her two thumbs up- one of the best lays i have had in months- this one is a pleaser not a clock watcher, didn't even mention donation, a rare sweetheart-after she got changed, what can i say, i fucked that pussy like there was no tomorrow, im kinda big so when i had her where i could slam it home, she took the pain and kept telling me though clenched teeth to fuck your pussy daddy, wow!!! it ended with her red faced and her pussy dripping my load, man i have to go jack off just thinking about it, we need more like her :-)

rpdya99I had seen her ad - she was going to be visiting San Diego for a few days. Contacted her with references for a same-day appointment, she emailed back after background check, she was available. Driving to her hotel, I was a little apprehensive - perhaps it was her phone voice. Open the door, and all fears are set aside - she looked like a really young porn star!! Way thinner than her pictures, and, as requested, very well-dressed. Starting with a hug and a kiss, non-VIPs should know that she is highly recommended, and it was a wonderful friendly session. VIPs read on. This time, I wanted to do something different from my normal routine. Some brief talk, kiss and hugs, quickly we are completely undressed. Loved the full bush, but I am not much into DATY. So, its straight to round one, with me standing up and she on the side of the bed. Loved it. To the bathroom to clean up, back on the bed. Small talk, and she started a massage, sitting on my back. I got so relaxed, it was off to round two in mish. Done, clean up, more small talk, and its time to go. Overall, a really good session, and will see her again. Delila, if you see this, I hope we meet again.

prodmanI saw her ad on BP and sent her an email. She advertises regularly on there. But, you have to find her amongst all the scammers and spammers. She posts really good looking pics and I had to see if she was the real deal. I am on the West side and there is not a lot offered out here, so I wanted to find someone on the area for regular servicing. We went back and forth by email and made an appointment for the next day. She arrived on time at my house. When I open the door, I was so happy. She looks even better than her pics. She is the hottest MILF I have seen. She is very friendly and courteous and we got right down to business…Once in the bedroom the clothes came off. She immediately started going down on me. It was great. She suck like a porn star. BBBJ with a little 69 action. Then slipped on the cover and went for cow girl and reverse. Then missionary. Good hard pumping action until finished. She is very accommodating and seem s to really be into it. I have seen her since then and it is just as good. She is like the friendly MILF neighbor with benefits. Great service and great price.

raining79  -Arrived promptly and with a smile. After a little talking, she seemed to warm up very quickly. She definitely seemed interested in making sure that I was satisfied.We started with some heavy kissing and petting. She gave great oral and allowed me to give her oral as well. She talked quite a bit during our time, which made the time seem to go by that much faster. She was definitely into everything, although she did have some groundrules (no fingers). Allowed me to pop a couple of times. Smiled the entire time, either a great actress or genuinely was into everything.

vetten  -I read review of Delila and it sounded pretty good. Its hard to find women on the west side so I thought I would give her a try. I am glad I did, setting up an appointment with her was easy. She showed up dressed as requested in a skirt, heels and stockings looking better than her pics. She greeted me with a hug and a quick kiss. We talked for a moment then she asked where I wanted her and off to the bedroom we went....VIP's read on She has a great body and super natural breasts. She helped me out of my clothes and I helped her out of her clothes down to her stocks lace panties and heels. I laid down on the bed and she followed right on top of me. We kissed for a while and she grinned down on me. She worked her way down and started some BBBJ and then turned around for some serious 69 action. We went at for a while until I could not take it any more and we went into some RCG and then CG. I rolled her over for some major mish and she had an O. I turned her over and finished her doggy. She was awesome and we laid together for a few and she asked to shower no problem and dressed to leave. I will be seeing her again.
DesertLoverWe did not have an exact time to meet, and I understood that she had some other things to take care of first. I had the room, and I wasn't going anywhere. I asked her to call when she was on her way. No problem. We were going to have dinner first, then dessert. When she walked into my room, all thoughts of dinner went away, and it was dessert first. She is far more attractive than her pictures - and her pics are awesome. There was no clock within eyesight, and it didn't matter, as she was not a clock-watcher. As always, YMMV, based on how you treat her. Her massage began with a very soft sensuous stroking...slow and varied. This became more and more intense. She worked her fingers and hand through my butt cheeks and it was very erotic. I knew she was playing. When I turned over, her mouth came into play. She has a wonderful mouth, also. As she settled her mouth around my cock, her pussy sought out my mouth. A sweet taste arrived with her pussy, and she had a quiet orgasm that way. I was so into her, that I am not even sure what she was doing when I got off. It may have been her mouth, it might have been her hand. I just know that the overall feeling was exquisite, and it didn't matter. Overall, it was over an hour, and she didn't even ask for the donation until the session was over. This wonderful woman is a keeper.

NikitaDelila arrived dressed perfectly for a morning encounter; jeans, tight blouse, warm jacket. We took some time to get to know each other, I have been impressed with her infrequent ads and great pictures for a long time but been unable to make a connection when schedules allowed. I invited Delila to my bedroom to view some artwork and the fun began. Delila is a MILF with a super body – great legs and interesting tattoos. Her East Coast accent surprised me when we talked on the phone, but it was reminiscent of my younger days!! She only does outcall but is a blast to play with. We laid on the bed and started kissing, fondling, and removing clothes. One comment here – Delila is not a ‘baby bottom’ shaved lady – as witnessed on her pictures, but her well trimmed bush just slightly hid a wonderful, damp experience! After we were both naked, Delila started down my body with her hands and mouth … little caresses and pinches, sweet sucking and nibbling, and some great tongue teasing and uncovered deep throating. This woman knows her way around a man’s body! I got a chance to return the lip service and dove into the task. I believe Delila had a number of small O’s but I wanted the big one and kept playing and tonguing until she shuddered, giggled, twisted, and pushed me back … very wet and rewarding!! We laid back for a little rest and it was time for some more play and the cover. Delila climbed on top of me and rode me up/down/around, we were both enjoying the wild ride. We flipped over to missionary and it was so hot watching her take me inside her bush. Slow, fast, long, hard … finally I gave it up and we collapsed in an exhausted heap.
Delila lived up to my anticipations and was a dynamite experience. Hope we can repeat sometime soon. 

mhccapagain another provider i have always wanted to see...i finally pulled the trigger and went and saw, her pics do not do her justice...she is yummy!!! started with a fully nude massage, she knew just how yo glance and tease my body with little nudges and grazing her perky tits in just the right spots. her massage led to my hands roaming on her quite a bit and then she put a condom on and hopped on top and rode me reverse cowgirl until i was ready to blast...she hopped off pulled the condom off and made sure that every last drop ended up on those perky tits!!! great time!

hossslickI have seen Delila several times over the past year, and it just keeps getting better & better. She is a beautiful and very personable MILF. As a hobbyist for about 5 years now, she has become my ATF. Always on time, always dressed to impress, always ready to take you where you want to go for an hour or two. Delila met me at my Hotel. When I opened the door, her presence literally knocked my socks off. She entered the room and embraced me with some LFK and a very affectionate hug. She lowered her hand down to my crouch and cupped my rock hard member in order to let me know that the fun was about to begin. I helped her with her goodie bag and then proceeded to help her out of her tight see thru mini skirt dress. She returned the favor and began to dispense with my shirt and pants. We fell back onto the bed and she began the most wonderful BBBJ to get the party started. After about 10 minutes, my hunger for her sweet spot was too much and I had to dive in. The delicacy was so tasty and drove me wild with desire for more. She spun around and before I knew it we were 69, life was so fine. After about 30 minutes of pure indulgence she slipped the love glove on and mounted me RCG, - what a beautiful site, this girl has got a J-Lo ass to die for. Soon after she turned around for CG and looked at me with those sexy green eyes and melted me even more. Her rythym and her mojo was bringing me to ecstasy much too fast. I slowed things up and turn her over for some mish and started slowly yet assertively with my strokes. But alas, i was no match for her muscle control and she played with me until she knew I was at the brink, and at that moment I pulled out, ripped the cover off and painted the canvas all over her tits and tummy. Delila is very attentive to a man's needs and delivers every time. Highly recommend and will continue to see her again and again.

KAOCBHave seen Delila before. Show up always on time. went straight to the bedroom. Started kissing and took her clothes off. Nice tight body. took my clothes off and climbed on the bed with more kissing and fingering her pussy. Got her wet and went down on the y for some fine dining. Flipped over and received a nice bbbj for a while. Then we went at it mish, doggie, rcg cg and back to mish for completion. This gal has a tight pussy and really gets into fucking. 2 pops allowed. Great time and I will repeat again and again.

shybooboo -typical two call system, did i say a long drive , let me also state the long drive was worth every mile and then some...... i'd walk across arizona barefooted for this lady. She make a fantastic deep throat first impression. Followed by a super bareback BBBJ. After going through all of the positions known to man we finished off with a dildo in my ass crip balls CIM BJ. This lady does't quit until the very last drop. I would only recommend her for athelic in shape men.

1955belair -Having seen Delila for the first time in December, I couldn't wait to get back to her. She dresses tastefully, but looks best naked. Her husky voice suggests an overload of the right kind of hormones, and her businesslike tone translates to, Come on, what are we waiting for? I'll see her again. The second time is often a let-down, but not with Delila. I cleaned up and we got naked in a hurry. Lots of tongue activity while both hands went looking for the hot spots, and I was fully enjoying the anticipation of what was to come. At that point, I learned a lesson that applies to all of us older guys: if you're going to see a high-voltage provider like Delila, make sure you're well-rested, have plenty of time, are in great shape and physically ready. I've got to admit I couldn't respond as fully as I needed and wanted to, to the beautiful woman who was treating my body to the most delightful stimulations - alternating deep and shallow sucking, hand and tongue action, sixty-nine: her pussy tastes great and responds often. A date with Delila is kind of like going to the Super Bowl. It's great just to go, but, if you're going to play, ya gotta be ready. Even with my limitations, it was fun and oh, so satisfying. Now, I've gotta go work out to get ready for next time.

Endorphyns  -Tried a few times while she passed through Tucson. Finally things lined up. She is very cool and very busy. Once inside the room it was all about me. I mean she is very accommodating and very professional. Relaxed, casual and to the point. She was running a little late and when I got there she wasn't quite ready. No biggie. I sat on the bed and watched her put on make-up and we chatted a bit. She is definitely better looking than her pictures. Once she was all dolled up she came over to the bed. I stood up and we kissed for a while. Hands roaming all over the place. Great kisser. Very passionate. After a few moments she knelt down and...Started what was to become a good half hour BBBJ. Standing, kneeling, laying down. Turn around and 69. licking my balls and asshole. a finger up my ass while she deep throat me. It was amazing. She definitely has game in this department. She asked if I liked toys. Of course I like toys and shortly she had a nicely lubed up dildlo up my butt while she continued to engulf my cock while I had my tongue in her pussy and a finger in her ass. She has a beautiful kitty. Nice dark lips and a real light pink shade on the inside. I had a hard time concentrating so I had her turn around so I could look into her eyes and so I could focus on her doing me. Lots of eye contact and licking and saliva. I was in heaven. She kept it up for a while longer and I told her I was going to come. She never slowed down at all. I finally came in her mouth and she took it all. Then she just held me in her mouth, she let my cock slip out and then she let my come just drip from her lips back onto my still hard cock. PERFECT! She cleaned me up and herself. She was all over another round but I was running late and had to get going. Delila is a true pro. I had a great time. I'll see her again when she is back in town. Thanks Delila!

roosteroneDelilah was easy to reach. We arranged a meeting the same day at my hotel. When she arrived I was not disappointed. She looked hot in her tight jeans and loose top. After just a few minutes of chatting we embraced and began a hot french kiss. While tongue-swapping, she began to explore my crotch with her skillful hands. It didn't take long for us to remove our clothes and move to the bed. She started off with a very nice bbj (and it was terrific), but I wanted to taste that sweet un-shaved pussy. It was delicious, and she had a nice O while I worked on it. After about 10 minutes of this I covered up and dove in for so nice mish. She was so wet and tight that it was difficult to hold out. I flipped her over and began to go at her from behind. After just a few minutes of this, I couldn't hold out any longer. I flipped her back to her back and unloaded on her stomach. Very intense! Delilah excused herself to get a towel to clean me up. Afterwards we chatted a bit; seconds were available but I was just too spent. Delilah is fun and a great way to spend an hour or two. I'll definitely repeat next time in Phoenix.


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    Arizona, Arizona, USA

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    Escort and Body Rubs

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  • Height:

    5 ft. 5 in.

  • Weight:

    130 lbs.

  • Hair Color:


  • Bust Size:

    34 D

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  • Catering To:

    Men and Couples

  • Smoker:


  • Hourly Rate:

    300 - 400 USD

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Wonderful classy woman. I wont tell. MMMMMMM

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Beautiful woman a true goddess in every way shape and form !!

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I've seen u only in pics but by god u are the gorgeous woman I've ever seen I hope to meet u one day!!

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